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Financial Planning

YML Financial Planning

YML Financial Planning employs a unique blend of financial advice and investment management to ensure you reach your financial potential. Together with you and your experienced YML business accountant, YML Group drives your financial goals and objectives with independent market insight, strategic guidance, financial planning, investment selection and administrative support. We offer:

  • Wealth creation strategies
  • Portfolio management
  • Retirement planning
  • Superannuation
  • Personal insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Estate Planning


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Wealth Creation Strategies

Our customised wealth management and financial planning strategies focus on achieving your personal financial goals. With understanding of your objectives and concerns, we work with your accountant, a range of investment managers, and our direct equity adviser at Morgan’s to build a portfolio and strategy to suit you. Our independent position allows us to provide unbiased and best practice products and solutions. Types of wealth creation investments & strategies include:

  • gearing strategies
  • savings strategies
  • tailored child education investment plans
  • tax minimisation investments & strategies
  • superannuation strategies


Portfolio Management

We provide on-going portfolio management and reporting for private clients, companies, family trusts and self-managed superannuation funds. Reporting will typically include:

  • On-line access to secure account information at all times
  • Investment transaction information – managed funds, shares, cash and deposits
  • Summary of portfolio asset allocation
  • Rate of return analysis – income and capital growth
  • Realised and unrealised CGT information
  • Consolidated tax reporting – interest, dividends, capital gains, franking credits

We aim to efficiently help our clients manage their sometimes-complex affairs in a co-ordinated manner, assisting them in making informed decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information.

Retirement Planning

Having a financial plan for your retirement years is essential to achieving the life you want to live in retirement. This plan should ideally be built years before you retire, and must consider factors such as your ideal lifestyle, where you want to live, how much income you will need, and a plan to transition into retirement. When putting a ‘pre retirement’ and retirement roadmap in place, we work with clients to ensure tax legislation works for them.


Superannuation is one of the most tax-effective ways to save for your retirement. Considering the maximum rate of tax is 15% of earnings, this makes a compelling case for establishing a strong superannuation structure and investing your super assets appropriately. We consolidate clients’ superannuation accounts into cost effective retail super offerings, allowing you to invest your super funds into managed funds, listed securities, term deposits and ETFs. The sooner an effective superannuation account is established and correctly invested, the sooner you are likely to be able to retire.

Personal Insurance

Insurance can protect your family and business during unexpected economic downturns or loss. Each year thousands of Australians are injured, suffer a serious illness or die unexpectedly. If this happened in your family or business, would you be able to afford:

  • Your current living or operational expenses?
  • Ongoing expenses such as the monthly mortgage or property rental payment?
  • The cost of additional help?
  • Sufficient retirement savings?

We help you find the right cover for your situation. We can answer your questions about funding your insurance, how tax is affected, and whether your insurance can be held within your superannuation fund.

Business Insurance

Without a risk management strategy in place the value of a business can fall dramatically in the event of death or disability. Business revenue can be adversely affected, banks may call on a personal guarantee, the business could be put on the market for a ‘fire sale’ price, or remaining owners can end up locked in dispute with the estate of an ex business partner. Our business risk management strategies include:

  • Protecting a business against loss of income should a business owner or key revenue producing employee die or become disabled
  • Providing funds to repay any bank loans
  • Protecting the income of business owners or key stakeholders
  • Providing funds to pay out the estate of a deceased partner as part of a Buy/Sell agreement

YML Financial Planning works with your accounting and legal advisers to ensure your corporate affairs are appropriately structured and your plans accurately documented.

Estate Planning

Passing control of your assets to your intended beneficiaries on death is a critical concern for many Australians. There are many issues that should be considered when formulating an estate plan, such as tax effective strategies for beneficiaries and protecting your assets from legal disputes. We work with your lawyer to ensure that your estate is protected and administered in a cost effective and timely manner.

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