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About Us

YML Group is an integrated financial services firm with expertise across a range of financial services.  We offer our clients expert advice on Accounting & Tax, Financial Planning, Business Services (such as Coaching, Human Resources and Marketing), Legal, Migration, Finance and Self-Managed Super Solutions.

Established in 1993, YML Group is a dynamic and highly qualified team of more than 50 professionals, administrators and accountants . With experience, expertise, and skilful proficiency, we assist our clients in achieving long-term financial success. We fuse strategy with results to support our clients in their financial growth. Our goal is to partner with our clients and offer our full support as a consistently reliable factor in our clients’ success.

YML Group takes pride in offering our clients’ uncompromising service and expertise in the creation, protection and preservation of their assets and wealth. Our clients trust YML Group to continuously evolve, meeting their needs in today’s rapidly changing business environment. To uphold our standards of expert service, we have developed a range of services and specialties to offer our clients the best possible experience.

YML Group is built on seven specialised divisions that can be accessed individually or as an integrated service to satisfy any financial needs our clients may require.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and accessible approach. Whatever your needs are, we can help find an optimum solution: enquire or contact us today.

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Services
  • Finance
  • YML Super Solutions
  • YML Migration
  • Yml Legal

Our Story

Established in 1993, YML Group is located in Westfield Bondi Junction, Sydney, and St Kilda Rd Towers, Melbourne. The natural yearly growth of our business means we happily add many more satisfied clients and employees each year. Testament to the success of our firm is the long-term loyalty of our many clients and employees; the referrals we receive from our clients; the new clients we welcome each year; and the generations of families who rely upon YML Group for best practice, trusted financial advice.

While we continue to deliver excellence across our core business, our comprehensive accounting services  through the YML Chartered Accountants, over the years we have developed sub-businesses, which specialise in other financial areas. The businesses that form YML Group are YML Financial Planning, YML Super Solutions, YML Finance and YML Business Services, YML Legal, YML Migration and YML Chartered Accountants.

Every additional YML Group member has been developed as a result of our clients’ needs. We understand that a holistic approach to financial services results in your improved financial outcomes. We are proud to maintain our personal touch, professionalism and spirit throughout all interactions in our client relationships.

Over the years, the success and reputation of our firm has attracted a new generation of directors and managers. Our leadership team is strong, dynamic, and skilled; this is a team our clients trust. Together, we accompany our clients through current and future challenges – and help them on their journey to achieving financial wellbeing.

Latest News

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